Ed Lee - Concept Artist/Illustrator/Art Director

Website www.artofedlee.com

IMDB http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1385958/

Artstation https://www.artstation.com/edleeart

Email edleeart@gmail.com

Skype: burningkrome

2019 Vive Studio [freelance artist] game cinematic

2018-2019 SioFic [art director, designer] CLEA animated trailer

2017-2018 Digital Idea [art director] Shanghai Fortress, in-house development projects.

2015-2017 NCsoft [concept artist/comic book artist/Art Director] MXM online game, Death Knight motion comic.

2015 1064/Sidus Pictures [freelance illustrator] Volcano Highschool Zero illustrated book

2013-2015 Cloud Imperium Games [freelance concept artist] Star Citizen online game

2014-2015 SamG [background designer] Watch Car ? TV series 2015

2014 Illumina Beijing, China [freelance concept artist] <악변매직시티>(鰐變魔都) Creature design for live-action film.

Hasbro/Woodbridge Productions [background artist] Transformers: Robots in Disguise (2015 TV series)

2010-2013 CJPowercast [art director/concept artist] Diablo 3, game cinematic Temple Stay feature film in co-production with Chris Columbus' 1492, Samsung Mobile - Opening design, Painted Skin 2 a film by Kuo-fu Chen, Untitled US project - game cinematics [director/designer] Blizzard Entertainment US/Seoul, S. Korea [team lead/illustrator] Diablo 3 game cinematic

2010-2012 AZworks [art director/concept artist/matte painter/3d artist] Heavenly Sword animated feature for theatrical release from Sony Entertainment.

Skywalker [concept artist] "권법" Sci-Fi feature film.

Digimax [art supervisor] "The Golden Mask" animated feature film.

2009-2010 NeoWiz [concept artist/background artist/3D artist] Bless MMORPG game

Dong Eui University [professor - Digital Production] graduate course

Dongseo University [professor - Digital Production] undergraduate course

2008-2009 Rhythm and Hues Studios [concept artist/3D artist/matte painter]

Alvin 2, Land of the Lost, Aliens in the Attic, Cabin in the Woods,

Howl (Wolfman), Brosta TV (Asahi Japan) - Zodiac

Gnomon [instructor] Environment Design - Spring/Summer term

2007-2008 Ezen Studios [Art Director] Gauntlet Online/Project G

2006-2008 Dongseo University [Professor ? Division of Digital Contents],

Art Director/Digital Painter Alexander, St. Anthony, Karol

(direct to DVD animated feature) with Rainbus Studios, Difarm,

Dongseo University and Mondo TV.

Keimyung University [Professor - concept art for animation] summer workshop/Fall semester

Ensemble Studios/Microsoft [Concept Artist] Halo Wars online game

Nabi Pictures[Concept Artist] Gakshi-Tal, Jade Swords

2006 Dreamworks/ETRI [Concept Artist] Christmas Cargo feature

Digiart [Concept Artist] Garfield animated feature for DVD

Pendulum studios [Concept Artist] Scion tC: Shark commercial

Sony Online Entertainment [Concept Artist] Field Commander 2 PSP game

2005 Activision/Treyarch [Concept Artist]

Spiderman 3 Multi-platform game

RhinoFX ATI Technologies [Concept Artist]

ATI Ruby commercial for TV

GMC Truck commercial for TV

Microsoft [Concept Artist/CG Artist]

Halo 2 graphic novel

2004-2005 EA/Crytek [Concept Artist] Crysis PC game

2004 Patrick Tatopoulos Designs [Concept Artist]

Underworld 2: Evolution movie sequel to Underworld

2003-2004 NCSoft Corp. [Concept Artist/3D Artist]

Guild Wars online game concept art

Guild Wars game-cinematic -- 3D artist/Concept Artist

Tabula Rasa [Concept Artist] - early version

2003 Sunwoo Entertainment [Concept Artist, vehicles and backgrounds/Maya Modeler]

Pitch Black: Dark Fury ? 2D/3D direct to DVD animation

Pendulum Studios [Concept Artist] Inoki Robot commercial.

Troublemaker Studios [3D Artist/Effects Animator/Concept Artist/Compositor]

Spy Kids 3 Pre-viz, CG background...layout, 3D (lefteye and righteye renders and animation). Worked directly with Robert Rodriguez.

2002 - 2003 Gigawatt Studios [Concept Artist/3D Artist/Animator] Expedition: Mars,

Ultimate Ride - Disney Edition, Red Moon Mayhem (development),

Swarm(development), Lobo(development for PS2).

2002 Mike Young Productions [character designer/development]

He-Man: Masters of the Universe - new version*

2000 - 2001 Blur [Concept Artist/3D artist]

Escape Factory - Videogame design, pre-production design including environments and character designs.

Empire Earth - Box cover illustration - 3D modeling and background painting.

Out of Time - Ridefilm proposal. Poster painting, concept design, creature design.

Fellowship - Lord of the Rings video game for Sierra; Concept design. for characters, props, background design and storyboards.

Mindbridge - internal sci-fi film project, digital background painting, concept design, 3d modeling and texturing.

Batman Ride Film - design for Catwoman's flycycle, digital background painting.

Ground Control - concept design and 3D modeling and textures for game cinematics.

Castle Wolfenstein - concept design and color keys for game cinematic.

XBOX - "Raven" character concepts designs

WXP - XBOX game proposal, conceptual designs of environments and various props.

XBOX - 3D graphic treatment and 2D concept sketches for XBOX game console interface design.

Windsor Digital - XTV: virtual reality TV show, conceptual designs of environments and props.

1999 Sony Pictures Family Entertainment [animation designer]

Big Guy & Rusty the Boy Robot Prop Design/BG Design/3D Art

Heavy Gear - Prop Design/3D Art for robots and interior of robot suit

Max Steel - Robot designs

Jackie Chan - Character Designs (including 3D Character modeling)

Dream Quest Images [freelance designer]

Inspector Gadget - Character Designs of virtual character inside car's monitor.

1998 Warner Bros. Studios [freelance artist]

The Green Mile - concept art and effects design, worked along with

Charles Gibson - VFX supervisor

1993-1998 Rhythm and Hues Studios [art director/production designer/storyboard artist]

Disney's Animal Kingdom - commercial for TV. Art direction and conceptual designs.

Batman & Robin - art direction and concept art - worked with John Dykstra

Spawn - art direction , worked with Mark Dippe

Mouse Hunt - concept art, worked with Charles Gibson

Hopper - all CGI film, CG art director

Abbot's Book - internal project, concept designs for characters & environments.

Race for Atlantis - theme park: vfx designer/concept artist

MGM Grande: EFX - theme park: vfx designer/concept artist

It’s Tough To Be A Bug! Concept artist

TEA Logo - cgi director

Mrs. Baird's - TV commercial, effects animator


Pratt Institute Brooklyn, NY Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts

Hongik University Seoul, Korea Masters Degree in Animation (continuing)

Brooks Institute 2-day course in lighting for photography

Hollywood Film Institute 2-Day film school

Associates in Art Animation/Character Animation, Production Design, Storyboard for Animation and Animation Layout.

Computer Skills

Maya, 3D Studio Max, Zbrush, Lightwave, Shake, Digital Fusion, Vue, Terragen, Photoshop & Painter. Including Shotgun and other asset archiving software.

Basic Unix/Linux skills and Rhythm & Hues' propriety software including: Lighting,

Modeling, Animation and Compositing. Matte painting tools.


Big Kahuna Awards Nominee for years best CGI - Fantasy Environment


Spectrum The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art 6

Won Certificate of Merit - 1996 Society of Illustrators LA show

Shows: 2006 Busan International Environment Art Festival (?BIEAF)

1996 Society of Illustrators LA, LA

1984 The Puck Show, NYC

1983 Society of Illustrators, Sci-Fi Show, NYC

1981 Comicbook Art Gallery, NYC


Kyung-sang Buk-do Education Center (digital animation) 2010

Daegu Mirae College 2009~2014

Kyung-buk Art Highschool 2009

Bucheon Digital Center 2008

Hongik University, graduation show (animation dept.) 2008

Keimyung University 2007

GDCA 2008

ICON 2007

KGC 2007

Asiagraph 2007 (China)

Dongseo University 2006

Previous-Member M.P.S.C. Local 839 IATSE - Cartoonists Union

* Reference available upon request

**US Citizen - copy of passport will be provided**