Bridging East and West - through careful business planning and cooperation much can be accomplished in this global commerce and entertainment business. 

 Experience in US, China, Taiwan, S. Korea, Japan partnership and cooperation - spanning animation, VFX and games.


Clients include:

Blizzard Entertainment, US  opening cinematic

Sony Entertainment, US "Heavenly Sword" animated feature 

Chris Columbus' 1492, US "Temple Stay" feature film in conjunction with CJ E&M

Woodridge Productions LLC / Hasbro, US "Transformers Supreme" TV animation series

Cartoon Networks, US "Fire Breather" TV animation

Eevolver, US various projects

Digimax Studios, Taiwan "Tristar Mount" animation feature

Huayi Brothers, China "Painted Skin 2: The Resurrection" feature film

Brosta TV/Asahi Japan, "Zodiac"  iPhone application

Digiart, S. Korea "Garfield" animated feature for DVD

NCsoft/, US "Guild Wars" game cinematic

CJpowercast, S. Korea various projects both foreign and domestic

AZworks, S. Korea various projects both foreign and domestic

Sunwoo Entertainment, US/S.Korea "Pitch Black: Dark Fury" animation for DVD